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Barbie At 60: This Grandma Of Three Dominates
Japanese Streets As A Walking, Talking Doll

Kimiko is the exact opposite of what you’d expect a granny to be like. She doesn’t look a day past 20 and has inspired millions with her Barbie like face, with fans across Japan and beyond!

Scarred By Earthquakes And Insecurities

In an interview, she revealed the story behind Japan’s ‘Living Barbie’.

“When I was 16, an earthquake trapped me under my house.”

“I suffered horrible scars all over my face and the only way I could hide my insecurities was through makeup.”

“Going outside without makeup terrified me, so I kept it on for over 30 years.”

“But that took a toll on my skin.”

“Which developed a severe reaction to cosmetics.”

“I was only saved thanks to a beautician with ‘Golden Hands.’”

“Who shared her family secret with me, and made me who I am today.”

– Kimiko

The ‘Golden-Hands’ To The Rescue

Her story caught the attention of renowned dermatologist Dr. Marci as she approached Kimiko in search for the truth behind her recovery.

“So who is this ‘Golden-Handed’ beautician?”

Asami is the last successor of the Murakami family’s royal beautician legacy. Dating back to the Edo Period almost 500 years ago, where an emperor sought help to cure a princess with an incurable skin condition.

His Majesty offered to bestow great honor to those who succeed. And in the end, Asami’s ancestor was the only one who managed to heal her.

Tales of that princess’s unmatched beauty has been passed on till this day. While descendants of the Murakami family serve as noble beauticians for centuries.

However, they were forbidden from sharing their secret ingredient with the public. Keeping their other worldly ability to treat and restore skin a royal secret. While being considered ‘Living National Treasures’ by the emperor himself.

Imperfection Perfected With One Touch

When Dr. Marci met Asami, her first thoughts were almost indescribable.

“When I first saw Asami, I thought that she was around my age.”

“I only found out after speaking to her that she’s 61!”

“She looked so young! I thought my eyes were lying to me.”

– Dr. Marci

For generations, the Murakami family only shared their secret within the family. Women came from far and wide seeking their ‘Golden Hands’.

It’s said that a single touch from a member of the family could remove any imperfections on a person’s skin.

“People in our region hold a rather unique belief.”

“We view the skin as a representation of the purity and cleanliness of the soul.”

“Although that’s important to us, truth be told…”

“I don’t have a successor to carry on the family legacy.”

“Which is why I’m sharing our secret with anyone who will listen.”

– Asami

Petals That Heal All Wounds

Dr. Marci talks with Asami revealed the Murakami family’s beginning. In the 15th century, Asami’s ancestor discovered the Wabara Rose [和バラ].

She cut her hand while tending to her garden, which left an open wound. But the very next day, she was surprised to see the wound gone without a single scar!

Asami’s ancestor tried to figure out why this happened and realized that her hands were covered in a substance from the Wabara Rose, which miraculously healed her wound.

This accidental discovery helped her uncover its power. So she started a practice of having Wabara rose baths, which she found also has the incredible power to rejuvenate the skin with the ability to remove both scars AND wrinkles!

Soon, people from across Japan were visiting her village for treatment.

Research Proved It’s Merely Just Science

This revelation made Dr. Marci begin studying the Wabara rose.

“What Asami said almost sounded like fantasy.”

“However, our extensive lab testing told us otherwise.”

“When applied on a dried out skin sample it restored the skin cells almost instantly!”

“And even kept it moisturized and protected.”

“The Wabara could handle it all!”

– Dr. Marci

Dr. Marci took it upon herself to keep this practice alive today.

“As we age, the cells in our body that produce collagen start dying out.”

“And it only gets worse under stress and bad lifestyle habits.”

“Without enough collagen, skin starts to sag and wrinkle.”

“And most modern skincare products don’t deal with that.”

“It’s time for a change.”

“And I think the Wabara rose will be the start.”

– Dr. Marci

The Roots Of Roshin™ Unveiled

To increase the potency of the Wabara, Dr. Marci and her team of experts worked alongside Asami and created a facial booster cream they named Roshin™.

“Roshin™ aims to buck the trend of overpriced ineffective skincare products.”

“Rich with an entire plethora of antioxidants from the Wabara rose.”

“Such as ferulic acid, epicatechin, and even vitamin A.”

“Preventing the formation of free radicals that cause wrinkling.”

“When concentrated in the Roshin™ cream, it rejuvenates the skin and reverses the effects of aging.”

“The skin has three layers, but most products only target the surface layer.”

“Which does nothing to help with the real problem of collagen production.”

“Roshin™ penetrates through all three layers of skin with nutrients that are easily absorbed to keep skin healthy.”

“It activates the collagen synthesizing ability of epidermal cells.”

“Allowing the skin to repair damage and fade scars.”

“Keeping it healthy, bouncy, and smooth.”

“Effectively becoming a microscopic bulletproof vest.”

“Protecting against weather and oxidative stress.”

“At the same time, boosting the Wabara’s natural moisturizing ability.”

“And forming a protective layer against oil build-up.”

“This is the ultimate game changer researchers have sought for years!”

– Dr. Marci

The Legacy Of Royal Beauticians Live On

Even Asami was ecstatic about their co-creation.

“We worked on this together from start to finish.”

“So I can say with full confidence that Roshin™ works better than our original Wabara Rose baths.”

“It truly lives up to the Murakami family legacy.”

“My ancestors would be proud of what we created.”

– Asami

Roshin™’s effectiveness was clear after it sold over 1.5 million bottles in its first year alone. And is finally launching its exclusive worldwide collection!

They even earned the approval from the American Board of Dermatology (ABD), with ABD president, Dr. Jennifer, giving her personal endorsement.

“We found Roshin™ to be the most effective moisturizing cream on the market today.”

“Our independent testing found that it’s safe to use on all skin types.”

“With 98% of users seeing improvements in skin health after just 28 days.”

– Dr. Jennifer

Join Millions Of Other Users Turning Their Biological Clock Backwards

“As a corporate mom working in the hustle and bustle of the city.”

“No regular skincare routine could make my wrinkles go away.”

“Even a little bit of sun could scorch my skin like a dried up raisin.”

“It feels like I’ve aged a decade in over a year!”

“I was recommended Roshin™ when I consulted a dermatologist.”

“And in just a couple of weeks, my wrinkles were replaced by silk smooth skin.”

“My face has a bounce to it now, and it’s much firmer than before.”

“I never thought I’d have the confidence to look like my 20s again.”

“I’m so in love about having skin that’s completely stress immune.”

– Josephine

As the season of bloom for Wabara Roses wither away and demand for Roshin™ skyrocketing across thousands of users. Supplies are dwindling fast, without telling when it’s able to restock.

So be quick to take control of your dermatological clock and turn it back in time with full confidence and grace.

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