Snake Island - Lilac Jamila
Discover The Japanese Doll Granny With A
“Baby Face” After A Snake Bite

Meet the grandmother who has been dubbed as the Japanese “doll”. She's often asked by strangers if her grandson is her boyfriend!

Even though 67-year-old Mina rarely wears any makeup, she looks so young that people couldn’t believe that she’s already a grandmother.

“Bite” Of Eternal Youth

People are always surprised whenever Mina reveals her age because she doesn’t even have a single sign of aging on her face!

So, just how did this grandmother manage to look half her actual age?

Mina says the reason behind her youthful looks could be credited to Professor Hiroshi. Professor Hiroshi is a world-renowned snake expert who has been studying the anti-aging powers of snake venom for the past 20 years:

“It all started when I was hiking in the Tsushima mountains and was suddenly bitten by the Tsushima Island Pit Viper, also known as the Gloydius Tsushimaensis snakes.”

“Surprisingly, I was unharmed because it was only a minor bite and the tiny amount of venom wasn’t enough to hurt me.”

“But something extraordinary happened!”

“The old scars and lines on my hands after years of working with snakes, suddenly faded! It’s as if I’ve had a brand new pair of hands”

“This is astonishing because previously, the scars wouldn’t go away even after getting various treatments.”

“I thought this was only a temporary effect but it lasted for months! My friends even assumed that I had laser treatments on my hands.”

“Since then, I’ve been studying the Tsushima Island Pit Viper venom non-stop to learn more about its hidden potential that most people are unaware of.”

-Professor Hiroshi

Alternative To Botox

After years of careful research and tests with the venom, Professor Hiroshi discovered that the Tsushima Island Pit Viper venom contains a high concentration of peptides with powerful skin-lifting and anti-aging properties.

It essentially acts like Botox, to help fade forehead lines and stubborn crow’s feet. This explains why after the snake bit Professor Hiroshi’s hands, they became as smooth as someone in their 20s!

Turning Nature Into Skin-Saving Solutions: Nayuri™

Realizing how this breakthrough discovery could change the world of skincare, Professor Hiroshi has since worked with the top dermatologists in Japan to invent a synthetic lifting serum that mimics the “Botox” effects of snake venom:

“When we first started working on this project, it was vital for us to not harm any snakes in the process of creating a product.”

“So, we used the most cutting-edge technology to create a synthetic serum that imitates the Botox effects of the Tsushima Island Pit Viper venom.”

-Professor Hiroshi

That is how Nayuri™ made its debut.

Nayuri™ is a one-stop skin-lifting serum that works deep within the skin's layers. Like a bottled Botox, each drop of the serum helps to reduce sagging skin and stubborn lines in as little as 2 weeks!

To further improvise the formula, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C were added. Professor Hiroshi explains the science behind creating this one of a kind serum:

“The skin will start to lose elastin as the years go by. It's a crucial protein found in our skin to help maintain its elasticity and firmness.”

“Our skin will continue to crease without it, resulting in permanent lines. We took a protein called Walglerin from the Tsushima Island Pit Viper venom. Then, it was synthesized into a Botox-like substance.”

“The amino acids and moisturizing properties in this synthetic version have a freeze-like effect on muscle contractions that helps our skin regain its structure and suppleness.”

“This results in smooth and bouncy skin that feels soft to the touch, making a person appear younger than their actual age.”

-Professor Hiroshi

Nayuri™ Gains Worldwide Recognition

When Nayuri™ made its international debut, this brand-new skincare trend took the world by storm.

More than 58,000 individuals participated in clinical trials around the world and 98.9% of satisfied users have seen significant changes in their skin!

They've noticed a dramatic improvement in the texture of their skin and a reduction in the appearance of expression lines in as little as 14 days.

73-year-old Susanne was one of the satisfied customers:

“Nayuri™ is truly amazing! I honestly can’t find a better skincare product out there. Before I started using Nayuri™, I struggled with deep creases around my eyes.”

“Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on eye creams but they’re ineffective. At my age, plastic surgery and Botox are not an option.”

“So, when my daughter bought Nayuri™ for me, I was blown away. Like everyone else, I was skeptical at first.”

“But after only a week, I've received compliments from everyone around me! My skin is visibly tighter and smoother now. It’s like the serum has reduced my age by years!”

“Recently, someone even assumed that I was in my 50s! Nayuri™ has definitely helped to increase my confidence level.”


57-year-old Doris is also excited to share her positive experience with Nayuri™:

“Because of the lines on my face, I used to be really self-conscious. So, I spent hours every morning covering the creases with thick makeup but the foundation made my skin’s uneven texture even more noticeable.”

“I was about to get Botox treatments, but thankfully I found Nayuri™. After using Nayuri™ for just a week, the result was remarkable!”

“The serum effortlessly helped to push my skin upwards and it filled in the creases of my stubborn lines. I've had a lot of compliments on how young and radiant my face now looks.”

“What’s even better is, I can now step out of the house with little to no makeup!”


Users can now experience a safe and natural way to reverse the effects of aging on their skin with Nayuri™.

It's never too late to achieve the skin of your dreams. The sooner you begin to care for your skin, the better!

Join Mina and the others who have reaped the benefits of Nayuri™. Invest in your skin and propel it to perfection with Nayuri™ now, before stocks run out.

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