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Take Fortune into Your Own Hands

Financial literacy is no doubt an important aspect in our lives. But not a single soul on the planet has the means to accurately predict the impending economy or even our financial health. And it’s likely that the external environmental energies that surround us affect these outcomes and our behavior.

With that being said, what we need is a facilitator of these energies and channel it all to lead our lives into succession. And that’s when Genkin™ bracelets come into play. When life doesn’t go according to plan, put matters into your own hands!

Mystic Stone of the Rising Sun

Genkin™ bracelets follows the path of Onmyodo, a system of elements similar to the concept of Yin and Yang. It uses natural science, astronomy, almanac, and divination to process the energies of life as early as the 6th century.

These ancient principles stemmed from Buddhist monks, over time Shinto priests and Japanese society who adapted its spiritual teachings and techniques to bring luck, fortune, and better health to those in need, as well as offer prayers and guidance in life’s endless opportunities.

Its energy creates an equilibrium balance between the good and bad, light and dark, and the powers of the sun and moon. All of which are necessary to manifest the best outcomes and prospects of life.  

The Genkin™ bracelet is made of a hybrid of Topaz and Amber Jade carved from dense boulders into tiny beads. Its unique hue and color represents Japan’s land of the rising sun and earned its name as Japan’s most famous mystical stone.

Top Benefits of Genkin™ bracelets

  • Attracts good fortune and auspicious opportunities
  • Infuses positivity and optimum luck for prosperity
  • Clears out foggy minds and troubled hearts
  • Harmonizes environmental energy to create situational awareness
  • Deflects negativity and misfortune

Advice on wearing Genkin™ Bracelets

  • The bracelet is one size fits all for both men and women.
  • Do not shower with the bracelet! As the dirt you’re cleansing off may come into contact with the beads and pollute its effects.
  • Avoid letting strangers touch the bracelet. If it happens by accident, rinse the bracelet with distilled water.
  • Wear the bracelet at all times and rub on the beads occasionally for maximal effect.

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